Spring & New Beginnings

As we begin the month of March, cooler winter weather slowly gives way to warmer temperatures and longer days. The change in seasons brings change to our lives. If you live in the States, you begin to see the crocus bloom. Here in Chapala one of the earliest harbingers of spring is the Primavera tree. You can’t miss their beautiful yellow or delicate pink blossoms smothering the trees on the hillside. No matter where you live, everyone looks forward to spring because it is a time of new growth.


Last October we advised you of the need to demolish several condemned buildings at Love in Action. We’d like to report that with your assistance we have just completed the demolition of the boys’ house and are about 70% towards the completion of a new maintenance bodega.

We are now in a position to begin the destruction of the old bodega and commence our plans to build a recreation space where the kids can be involved in regular physical activity. The children are eager to get this project off the ground so that they have a place to play basketball, ride their skateboards or shoot marbles! If you would like to be a part of this new growth and change for the children at Love in Action, please go to our website to donate and designate Playground for your gift. Without your continued support of Love in Action and the children, they would not be thriving and “growing like weeds” as we say in the States! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


This bare space is where the boys house was previously and where a future playground will be.


The new maintenance building is coming along!  We hope to have it completed by the end of summer.

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