Mission, Vision & Values

Our Mission:

Our mission at Love in Action is to provide Christ-centered, holistic care to abandoned, abused, and orphaned children.

    Holistic care means that we physically care for our children by bathing, clothing and feeding them as well as providing medical and dental care; mentally we provide vocational and educational programs that intellectually empower them; emotionally we provide on-site psychological support through group and individual therapy; spiritually we encourage our children in the love of Christ through daily prayer, scripture, fellowship and church events; and socially we engage in numerous activities in a diverse community.

Our Vision:

Our vision is to raise up children who will overcome their past to realize their potential, breaking the cycle of violence and positively impacting the nation for generations to come.

    We believe that we have an opportunity to not only make a difference for these children here and now, but believe also that equipping these children with the tools to live healthy and successful lives will positively impact their own families and the communities that they will live in…perhaps they may even join us in the fight against injustices that once touched their own lives.

Our Values:

Our values are love, respect, compassion, thankfulness, honesty, courage, forgiveness, generosity, faith and hope…but the greatest of these is love.

      These values are not only the guiding principles that govern the organization but are also the principals that we use to guide our children. While there are many more values that are taught and followed at Love in Action, we feel that these ten provide a foundation that we can all operate from, and more importantly, a foundation that will be a platform that these children can stand on for the rest of their lives. In alignment with our mission, vision and values, Love in Action seeks to create a loving and safe environment where abused, abandoned and orphaned children have opportunities to heal from their past in order to fully engage with their future. Love in Action is contributing to the solution for many social issues that plague our nation. We are raising awareness and educating the community about social issues such as poverty, crime, substance abuse and the subsequent outcome; we are contributing to the welfare of the local economy by providing jobs and salaries for our employees; we are providing volunteer opportunities for community members to get involved and to join us in being a part of the solution. But of course, without our children we would not be doing any of this, so the most important contribution that we make is taking a stand against injustice by caring for all the children who come to Love in Action and encouraging them and preparing them to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

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