“If only I would have known”

On June 1, 2015

FritzLiedtke-LIA1204-497-Edit-2Dear Love in Action Community,

I often have people say to me, “If only I would have known, I would have helped”.  It’s quite possible those very words have come out of your mouth at one time or another.

It’s for that very reason I am writing today to communicate our needs to you.  And more importantly, maybe this is the time you can help.

The entire Love in Action team has been working extremely hard at providing the best way we can for all our children.  We have made tremendous strides with our on campus school in providing not only an education, but also individual attention with tutoring when needed. We have heard from many of you encouraging words of the progress and improvements you have seen from our organization and the difference in the children.   But none of it could have happened without your support!

As you are all aware, we have recently had some large projects sponsored by local charities and donors.  We are extremely grateful for this support as the need was great, and LIA simply is not in a position to cover the repair and maintenance of very old structures.   We have realized that the “good news” of these projects brings assumptions to the community that LIA has plenty of funds for our daily operations.  I want to stress and communicate to you that is just not case.

Currently LIA is in dire need of monthly finances for our general operations’ budget, which includes salaries and day-to-day expenses such as food, electricity, etc.  As you can imagine, our staff salaries are our largest expense.  But without good staff, our children do not receive the care and attention they need.

And now you know the basis for my asking you to make the decision to help. We not only need one-time donations, but also would love to have our donors set up recurring monthly donations.  It would help us manage our finances and alleviate the stress of wondering how LIA is going to make it through another month if we had a better base of donations coming in regularly.   No amount is too small!

There are two ways to donate:  You can do so in person at LIA. (Please give your donations directly to our Director of Administration, Dalia Zepeda.  She will provide you with a receipt.)  Or you can give simply and quickly on our secure site!  On the website you will be given the option of which specific fund you would like your donation to go toward.   You can also set up a recurring donation.  Immediately after your donation is processed you will receive a tax-deductible receipt via e-mail.

I am more than willing to provide any specific financial information or reports per your request if you want to see where and how our funds are being spent.

We cannot do this work without this incredible community.  Thank you for your consideration and more importantly, for “Putting your love into action”!



Kari Romey


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