Our History

Anabel Frutos, the founder of the Love in Action Center, is a native of Mexico, born in Guadalajara under impoverished circumstances. She and her husband, Raul, now live in a poorer district in the town of Chapala. Anabel was aware of the great needs and poverty around her and felt she needed to respond. In 2001, a feeding program was established from her car port for children from the neighborhood. The original group soon began bringing their siblings and friends and then their mothers as well and a parenting class was added to this weekly event.

One day Anabel counted over one hundred people in her house and yard and realized that a more permanent solution must be found. Armed with her determination and faith in God, she found an old pottery manufacturing shop that consisted of a number of small buildings. A step of faith was taken to secure a piece of property where people from the area could come to be fed and encouraged.

Eventually classes were implemented to teach a skill that could help those with a limited income to generate finances. Some of the courses offered were: English, guitar, tin sculpting, crafts, sewing and salon training.

We saw a need to establish a day care for the neighborhood and when we went to get certified as an A.C., (civil association or nonprofit) the government asked if we would consider being a shelter for children.  So now we are helping children that are sent to us from throughout the state of Jalisco in Mexico.

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