Children Opportunities

It is our desire at Love in Action to give our children opportunities outside the center to develop their talents and interests.  With the help and financial support from several volunteers, many children have been given the opportunity to learn a skill and feel a sense of accomplishment. By exposing the children to new possibilities outside of Love in Action, we feel we are giving them what we all have wanted for our children… a desire to learn something new, master a new skill, and feel the resulting sense of success, pride and accomplishment.

Under the tutelage of Maestro Lalo; Marco, Alexa and Chuy have learned to play the ukulele over the past year. They recently performed at the Centro Cultural de Ajijic, playing their ukuleles and singing in both Spanish and English. Not only did the children feel a sense of pride in performing before a large audience, but in knowing that the proceeds from the concert would benefit two other homes as well as Love in Action.


gymgym 2

Arlin can be seen just about every waking moment when she isn’t otherwise occupied with school and chores, practicing her gymnastics skills. Even sore muscles and blisters on her hands don’t stop her from perfecting her cart wheels, back flips and head stands! Juliana looks up to her as an example and is also attending gymnastics classes twice a week.

Our teenage girls recently attended a Youth Retreat in Guanajuato where they had the opportunity to participate in many different workshops related to current teen issues.  They also got to attend several different services with hundreds of other teenagers which included live music and a special speaker.  Pictured above are the girls having fun as they just finished a talent show!

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